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Peter Laszlo

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My Story

I was always an animal person but especially loved dogs. When I was 17, I set out to be a dog trainer. I got a job with a large animal shelter in New York. I then decided I wanted to become a dog trainer. I ended up contacting a local dog trainer in my area who happened to be a veteran. He served two tours in the canine corps with combat action. I figured that he would be my best bet to become a great dog trainer. My dog training career started from there. I finished my 2 year apprenticeship program with him and learned all that I could about dog training. I continued to work with my mentor well into the 90s but I also started to branch off with my own dog training business. I opened my own dog training school, called Distinguished Dog in NY. I grew as a trainer, gaining tons of experience working with all kinds of breeds. I have had the pleasure to work with all the common breeds as well as rare breeds too, to name a few such as the Bandog, Tosa Inu, Giant Schnauzer, Neapolitan Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound and even a Wolf hybrid. I have even worked with a deaf dog. My clientele covered all age ranges from children to the elderly. I have had the honor to work with German Police Dogs and Schutzhund dogs as well. My skill set includes, basic to advanced obedience, personal protection basic to advanced, guard work, poison proofing, problem solving, house breaking and specialty training. I continue to learn with every new client and look forward to many more new experiences in training. I will always do the best that I can to make sure that I leave every client as a confident, competent dog owner with a happy dog. A wagging tail and a satisfied client are my best compliments.


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